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I am a Survivor. A survivor of life. A life that has brought me the gift of wisdom in very hard earned ways. I have been blessed through these experiences in that I am able relate to more beings on this earth than many and understand their loss, confusion, disappointment, hurt and anger and validate their feelings giving them hope. I am not special....just blessed in a weird kinda way. I am also a woman born in 1955 (you do the math) raised by a mother who knew no other way to discipline than by the back of her hand. Ahh, putting it mildly...how politically correct. The oldest of three, I have been playing the piano my entire life. I can sew (both fabric and garden varieties - thanks Dad for both), cut crown molding, put in a patio (Dad again), cut your hair, find a bargain with an eagle eye, refinish furniture, keep a clean house, do my own nail art (yours too) and recommend what vitamin or herb would best fix your ailment. I can also handle my Dodge Stealth at 145 mph, maneuver a motorcycle through city streets and reach tall buildings in a single bound. Well maybe not a single bound. On the flip side I can walk a straight line in 3 inch heels, still turn an eye or two wearing a black leather skirt, keep a fairly interesting conversation going for a minimum of two hours...okay three if I have to and the audience reciprocates...and I can find my way around Key West almost as good as a drunken sailorette (without the tequila). I cannot drink more than two margaritas without passing out, sing or swim. I do not do drugs, roller coast rides or eat eggs. I also cannot pick a good husband or spot a sociopath. The former I've done four times; the latter I failed to do once. I have had 4 C-Sections (one without anesthesia), 2 back surgeries, 1 heart attack and 1 CABG, otherwise known as open heart surgery. I think that covers the scars. The ones on the outside that is. The ones on the inside will take some time to explain.

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